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The fundraising activities in Switzerland have two goals:
- To provide funds for the school projects in Thailand and Laos.
- To make the Foundation and its purposes known to a wider audience in Switzerland.

Annual events - Switzerland: Friends of the Foundation
Usually once a year, a fundraising event is held in French-speaking Switzerland and now also in German-speaking Switzerland: On June 9th, 2024, a Solidarity Brunch will take place in French speaking Yverdon, Switzerland.
Enjoying a fine meal, being together and learning about HopeHouse activities. 100% of the fundraising goes to the foundation. 

The Solidarity Brunch on Sunday, 8 May 2022 in Olten, Switzerland – the first such event in the German speaking part of Switzerland has been a great success with close to 100 people attending. The first important step to extending our activities from the French speaking West of Switzerland to the German speaking part and making new friends for HopeHouse.


Support HopeHouse Switzerland's fundraising efforts to make a difference in the lives of children in Thailand and Laos. Your donation will directly contribute to funding school projects, providing education, and empowering communities.

By donating to HopeHouse Switzerland, you not only support these vital initiatives but also help raise awareness about our foundation's mission and goals within Switzerland.

To make a donation, please use the following bank details:

IBAN: CH91 0900 0000 1079 0916 5


Your generosity will help us continue our impactful work, transforming lives and creating brighter futures for children in need. Thank you for your support.


The Committee in Switzerland

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Our Team in Switzerland: The following people are involved, pro bono, in the activities of the Foundation:


     Ernst Z'Graggen, President,

     Claude Delachaux, Honorary President,

     Monika Baert, Treasurer, Committee Member

     Doris Ammann, Communication

In Thailand and Laos

Gilles & Lamphun.jpeg

Gilles & Lamphun

Phon Pisai, ISAN, Thailand

Gilles Bernard, PhD, Director of the Foundation in Thailand and Laos and member of the Committee. His wife, Lamphun Kamwisit, the cultural link with the local population, provides much appreciated support for the activities of the foundation.


in Thailand

Volunteering in Thailand (minimum 4 weeks)
Volunteer work in poor rural areas is no vacationing. It is costly and time consuming and requires open minded team players with excellent English knowledge and a minimum of 4 weeks time on the spot. Volunteers will pay for their trip and costs themselves and will teach English for a minimum of 4 weeks during off-peak hours at one of the schools. 
For more details see  Hopehouse volunteering Program


Feel like visiting HopeHouse in Thailand or a school in Laos ? 
Upon prior notice, we gladly arrange for visits of friends of the Foundation to meet with "our" students at their school in Thailand and/or Laos. Contact Gilles Bernard.

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